Sonatest’s Veo3 Has Been Selected For A Mission To The International Space Station

Sonatest, a leading provider of NDT equipment, is pleased to announce that their state-of-the-art VEO3 equipment, along with essential accessories, has been selected for a pivotal mission to the International Space Station (ISS). This extraordinary accomplishment signifies a significant milestone in the collaborative efforts between Sonatest, NASA-Houston, and their dedicated teams. On August 1st, the … Read more

Discover the SENTINEL 880 Series Delta NDT Projector

One of the benefits of the SENTINEL 880 Series gamma-ray source projectors is that they are designed to be easy to operate in any condition. This video shows how to connect your SENTINEL guide tube and remote controls. The Sentinel 880 Delta, has some interesting features such as: EXPOSURE DEVICE The exposure device body, containing … Read more

UV lamps: a powerful ally for NDT

UV lamps are one of the ideal tools to detect cracks in oil, aerospace and automotive components. In these industries, safety is a really critical factor, which is why it is essential to have highly reliable inspection teams that also allow rigorous compliance with the legal obligations arising from their use. The use of UV … Read more

Inspections under the Eddy Current technique

Eddy Current is the method of induced currents based on the principles of electromagnetic induction, where an alternating magnetic field induces current on the test piece made of a conductive material. This technique is used to identify a wide variety of physical, structural and metallurgical conditions in ferromagnetic or non-ferromagnetic metal parts, and in non-metallic … Read more

Training video intro Eddycon C and Eddycon CL

eddycon cl front

The EDDYCON C is a flagship in of eddy current instrument family. It is portable and combines the best features of earlier predecessors, being furnished with 4.3 “display and functional buttons for immediate access to any menu of the instrument, which would meet requirements of the most demanding user. The EDDYCON C eddy current flaw … Read more

Tracerco T402: The clear choice for radiation safety

Tracerco T402

Tracerco offers a wide range of radiation monitors to measure radiation dose rate or monitor process and environmental contaminants in a number of applications. These include Oil & Gas, NDT, nuclear, CBRNe, industrial research and educational sectors, medical and life sciences, and environmental and waste management industries. Tracerco T402 is an intrinsically safe radiation monitors … Read more

Railway inspection with OKOndt equipment

At the moment various rail testing technologies are used in ultrasonic rail inspection, which in turn require the participation of a person to interpret the results of their test. Different regions and countries apply their own approach to ultrasonic rail testing. There are three basic approaches to rail inspection: Manual inspection and ultrasonic testing of … Read more

Video: How to Measure Concrete Moisture using the PosiTest CMM

PosiTest CMM In Hand

Video Transcript How to measure concrete moisture using the PosiTest CMM Non-Destructive Concrete Moisture Meter, from DeFelsko. When mixing concrete, water must be added to create a workable mix, and to allow the cement to hydrate and cure. After hardening, much of this water remains as moisture within the porous concrete slab. Over the following months, … Read more

Video: PH Tool shows how creates EDM Notches


This is an interesting demonstration of how PH Tool creates EDM notches (otherwise known as electrical discharge machined notches). The EDM process is a non-conventional machining process in which material is removed very precisely under carefully controlled conditions. The cutting is done with an electrode that is configured to yield the artificial defect desired. The … Read more

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