Railway inspection with OKOndt equipment

At the moment various rail testing technologies are used in ultrasonic rail inspection, which in turn require the participation of a person to interpret the results of their test.

Different regions and countries apply their own approach to ultrasonic rail testing.

There are three basic approaches to rail inspection:

Manual inspection and ultrasonic testing of rails implies using a hand-held ultrasonic flaw detector (Sonocon B) plus a set of ultrasonic transducers and a special scanning device like the OKONdt USR-01.

With the help of these devices is possible to carry out a secondary testing of railroad tracks laid.

This kind of testing allows to obtain results of mechanized inspection by ultrasonic or combined ultrasonic rail flaw detectors, flaw monitoring and detecting railcar.

Besides as for the pre-weld inspection of the end sections of new and used rails, before welding them at rail welding enterprises or monitoring joints welded by electrocontact or aluminothermic method.

This way combining your technical expertise with the right testing equipment you will get better results.

If you want yo know more about the latest innovation in railway inspection, you can meet us  in the Railway Interchange 2019.



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