Tracerco T402: The clear choice for radiation safety

Tracerco offers a wide range of radiation monitors to measure radiation dose rate or monitor process and environmental contaminants in a number of applications.

These include Oil & Gas, NDT, nuclear, CBRNe, industrial research and educational sectors, medical and life sciences, and environmental and waste management industries.

Tracerco T402 is an intrinsically safe radiation monitors function safely in the presence of explosive gas mixtures. The manufacturer also provide non-intrinsically safe versions with the same functionality, for use in less-challenging environments.

TracercoTM T402

These rugged all-weather instruments provide accurate, reliable dose rate monitoring with minimal servicing and maintenance.

Benefits of the TracercoTM T402 include:

  • T402 – fast response and sensitive to low dose rates.
  • Integrated dose function – allows the instrument to be used as a dosimeter.
  • Peak dose rate memory – allows maximum exposure levels to be recorded.
  • Backlight display capability for use in low light.
  • Audible response with adjustable alarm thresholds.
  • Ruggedised nylon 6/6 construction and modular integrated electronics.

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