UV lamps: a powerful ally for NDT

UV lamps are one of the ideal tools to detect cracks in oil, aerospace and automotive components.

In these industries, safety is a really critical factor, which is why it is essential to have highly reliable inspection teams that also allow rigorous compliance with the legal obligations arising from their use.

The use of UV lamps is widespread because there are many applications where ultraviolet light is the protagonist.

For non-destructive tests, there is an arsenal of powerful UV lamps, so it is necessary to know how to choose the most convenient one.

There is a whole range of products specially designed to meet very specific inspection needs.

For example, the MB series of Labino offers very durable lamps, specifically created to work in areas where the risk of explosion is high.

A product with these characteristics is very useful in oil platforms, refineries and aircraft carriers in the high seas, because it allows to avoid accidents where the safety of people and valuable equipment can be compromised.

Trust as a value

Another important detail, and one that adds value for the level of confidence that it brings to the inspectors, is the fact that some products, such as the Labino MB Series lamps, have successfully completed tests of extreme difficulty.

Tests of thermal conditioning, impact, fall and IP, have earned Labino ATEX certification.

These UV lamps are compact, but extremely robust, which is why they are widely used in heavy industries with difficult operating environments.

They are built to operate in extreme climatic conditions ranging from 40 ° Celsius to -20 ° Celsius.

Another interesting thing is that all models incorporate four UV LEDs with white light block filters that do not suffer from solarization.

In this way, specialized inspectors have a product with high performance, safety and precision to perform complex inspections in high-risk environments.

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