DAKOTA ZX-3 Thickness gauge

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The ZX series of thickness gauges offer a performance solution built to withstand the roughest industry conditions. The features included in the ZX Series offer a quality tool that will meet or exceed your application requirements. Our 5 year limited warranty indicates how we feel about the reliability and durability
of the ZX Series gauges.

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Zero: Manual or auto zero option.
Probe Diameter: Selectable probe diameter for improved linearity.
High Speed Scan: Display the lowest reading found during a scan. Scan speed at 100Hz.
VX velocity: Measure in terms of velocity for nodularity

  • Range: Measures from 0.025 to 36.00 inches (0.63 to 914.4 millimeters). Range dependent on material and transducer type.
  • Units: English & Metric
  • Resolution: 0.001 inches (0.01 millimeters)
  • Velocity Range: 0.0120 to .7300 in/μs (305 to 18,542 m/sec)
  • PRF: 200Hz
  • Display Update Rate: 10Hz
  • Gain: 40-52dB range in 3dB steps
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